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We provide concrete Jersey barriers in Abilene, TX. What exactly are these concrete Jersey barriers though? These concrete Jersey barriers are walls of concrete that start out with a relatively wide base and thin out at the surface curves upwards. These concrete products are designed in such a way with efficiency in mind. These products can be utilized in a variety of projects, which makes them super useful. We offer these products in a variety of different sizes, which depend on your location and the products availability. Please contact us to figure out what size of these products are available in your location! Thank you! Please contact us as well if you have any questions or would like further information. Our number is: 833-944-1010. We would be more than happy to help you out. 

Actual products may vary by location

We provide concrete highway barriers in Abilene, TX, but how can these products be used? Well, as we mentioned earlier, these products can be utilized in a variety of ways. Here are some examples of the more common purposes these products have/can serve: separating lanes of traffic, setting aside areas for parking, serving as protection for construction/road workers and/or pedestrians, blocking off particular, restricted areas, and rerouting traffic. These are just a few examples of how these products have been/can be used. If you have any other ideas or questions regarding how these products can be used, please give us a call today. 

Actual products may vary by location

We provide concrete Jersey barriers in Abilene, TX, but how do you get these products to your project site after you purchase them? Well, we have two options for you! We offer the methods of product delivery and product pick up for the transportation and receival of your products. Although you are able to select whichever method you prefer, please take into consideration the fact that there are a couple of requirements that need to be met on your end of things in order for these processes to go safely and smoothly. We will go over these requirements below. If you have any questions or concerns whatsoever, please feel free to give us a call. We would be more than happy to chat with you. We will start by going over the requirements associated with the product delivery process. First, you will need to make sure you have the proper size of equipment that can safely offload the concrete Jersey barriers from the trailer. To offload the products safely and properly, this equipment will need to be able to carry the weight of your products and reach a certain height. These measurements depend solely on the size of the products you are having delivered. Please contact us for more information regarding these particular details. Second, you will need to have enough space available so that the delivery semi can safely enter and exit the product drop off site without any issues. A space of 47’-53’ will need to be accessible for this purpose. If you do not have this much space available, however, we can always drop the products off at another nearby area. From this secondary area, we can utilize smaller equipment to transport them to the actual, desired location. That is all that is required for the product delivery process so we will now move on to the product pick up process. First, you will need to give us a call! During this call, someone from our team will be able to help you set up a date and time to come to one of our facilities and pick up your products. When you come to pick the products up, we will load them onto the trailer for you. We do ask though that you please bring along a set of chains and/or straps that can be used to secure the products down to the trailer once they are loaded. Thank you! That is all that is required for the product pick up process as well! Once again, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about either of these processes or their requirements. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation as well.

Actual products may vary by location


We provide concrete highway barriers in Abilene, TX, even if you know these products by a different name. There are a lot of different concrete products out there, as well as a lot of different concrete product nicknames that go with these products. Here are some of the more common nicknames we know of for these particular products: concrete Jersey barriers, concrete Jersey walls, concrete jersey bumps, concrete highway barriers, and K-rails. If you know of any other nicknames for these products, please feel free to let us know and we can add those nicknames to our list as well. Thanks!


City of Abilene

Covering 112.2 square miles near the central region of the southern U.S. state of Texas is the beautiful city of Abilene. Abilene is located in an area of slightly rolling land right alongside I-20.  Abilene started out as a major railway city and continues to be a thriving, beautiful community. We provide concrete Jersey barriers in Abilene, TX.


Cool Things To Do

Abilene is a beautiful city with lots of fun attractions for everyone. You might consider trying out one of these activities found in this city:

  1. Visit the animals at the Abilene Zoo.
  1. Explore the Frontier Texas! Museum.
  2. Observe the art at The Grace Museum.
  3. Catch a show/performance at the Paramount Theatre.
  4. Visit the beautiful Historic Fort Phantom Hill.


We provide concrete highway barriers in Abilene, TX and we love being able to! We would love the opportunity to serve you and your project, whatever it is and wherever it may be located. Yep, you heard us. We would love to provide for you and your project even if you are not located in the exact city of Lewisville, TX. Below we listed some “example cities” that can each be found within two hours of Lewisville. Our services are not limited to these areas either, but are just here as examples. Please feel free to give us a call whenever your project may be located in the U.S. and we would love to let you know how we can best serve you. Thank you! Now, here are some of the cities located within two hours of Abilene, TX: Goldsboro, Cozart, Hodges, Stith, Baird, Clyde, Caps, Phantom Hill, Fort Phantom Hill, Hawley, Potosi, Tye, Hamby, North Abilene, Elmdale, Blackwell, Rule, Echo, Rising Star, Haskell, Olden, Eastland, Coleman, Romney, Fort Chadbourne, Roby, Mitchell, Wingate, McCaulley, Sweetwater, Vera, Dublin, Dalzell, Huckabay, Benjamin, Elbert, South Bend, Blanket, Jayton, Doodle, Eliasville, Early, Comanche, Brownwood, Concho, Granbury, Lenorah, Whitt, Ackerly, Paluxy, Willow Park, Dickens, Sherwood, Oak Trail Shores, Forsan, Thalia, Tolar, Knott, Camp Air, and Hudson Oaks.

Here at Concrete Products Supply, we are all about integrity and quality. We promise quality concrete products at affordable prices, along with a friendly, reliable customer service experience provided by our wonderful, committed team. We look forward to working with and serving you. Please check out our website at: www.concreteproductssupply.com or give us a call at the following number: 833-944-1010.